Wael Al-Nusif is a service contracting company with more than one field;

            •  Cleaning and waste management sector:

Wael Al-Nusif Trading Company holds many contracts to provide cleaning services and all cleaning supplies such as; chemicals, hygienic products, paper products, janitorial and air refreshening materials for many governmental projects like the services provided to

            •  Al-Diwan  Al-Amiri.

            •  The Ministry of Education.

            •  The Ministry of Awqaf.

            •  The Ministry of Health.

            •  The Kuwait Municipality.

In addition, the company performs private cleaning projects for the Kuwaiti American Catering Co. (Americana), many restaurants and some of the Kuwaitiluxurious malls and hotels.  As a vast expanded company; Wael Al-Nusif Trading Company’s motto is “A Clean Place for A Safe Place” so most of the products and materials handled in providing the service environmentally friendly.